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DoggIY: A Custom Dog Tracksuit

First, I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculously adorable this photo of Rocky the Maltese is. I mean really. Secondly, this is an awesome DIY idea!
Fashion blogger and designer Luxirare converted a kid-sized Adidas tracksuit into one perfectly tailored to her tiny dog. The process involves creating a new pattern and lots of draping and other technical sewing stuff, so it’s definitely one to tackle if you’ve got sewing skills! Even if you don’t, the photos on Luxirare alone are worth a look — the very last one is my favorite.

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Sweet “Puppy Love” Valentine’s Day Party (Although V.Day is over..)

Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party

{Please give a warm welcome to Courtney Dial of Pizzazzerie on her first contributor post at HWTM – featuring an adorable puppy-themed party she designed herself!}***
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to let our four-legged friends in on the fun with a Puppy Love Valentine’s PartyFrom sweet doggie treats to a gumball machine filled with bones, the puppies had their share of goodies! The humans enjoyed some sweet treats too, as Bee’s Knees Creative made delicious sugar cookies for the occasion.
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
There is certainly lots of inspiration here for all sorts of Valentine’s Day parties {dog-friendly or otherwise!} so check out lots more fun pics + all the details below, from the burlap covered table to the “Puppy Love” garland
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
Sweet Puppy Love Valentines Day Party
PARTY DETAILS, as told by Courtney…..
“I envisioned a low “dog height” table for this Valentine’s “Puppy Love” Party so I used a piece of wood and a few bricks to form the table. I love using burlap, so I covered the table in burlap and added red lace from the fabric store for a Valentine’s touch. Jaimee McClellan of Bushel + Peck Paper made the “dog sized” garland bannerthat says “Puppy Love”.
“Doggie Bags” of miniature bones were given to all the pups on their way out. The sweet dogs were already licking their chops, despite having devoured lots of treats at the party! On the table were red heart dog bowls, a centerpiece filled with miniature bones, and fun clear candy tubes from Shop Sweet Lulu filled with mini bones. I can envision these candy tubes filled with M&Ms or other candies for any type of occasion! They would make great favors.
I have an old gum-ball machine that I painted red and decorated with a pink tulle ribbon for the occasion. I have found that you can use a lot of items you already have in your own home and “update” them with some simple things like spray paint and ribbon for a fun party! I actually love the red so I plan on keeping it that color and setting it in my office {filled with “human” treats though}!
Overall, the puppies had a blast at their Valentine’s Day party – there was definitely lots of romping, wrestling, playing… and of course – eating!”
– Styling: Courtney Dial
– Photography: Kristen Steele Photography
– Cookies – Bee’s Knees Creative
– Puppy Love Garland Banner: Bushel + Peck Paper
– Candy Tubes: Shop Sweet Lulu

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's a lollipop for you.
Happy Valentine's Day
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Animal Architecture (Part 2)

Hello everyone!

Here's a continuous showcase of some modern and useful furniture for your pets! How wonderful life would be for them. =)

We love to lounge so do does our furry friends! Oooo.....

Own a turtle and love nature? Perhaps this chair met your criteria.

Having problem juggling between with your kids and cats? 

This might do the job. 
So eco-friendly that you can build it on your own, and let your child do the decoration.

Who ever thought of suspending your cat bed from above?

It's just so common to see side table + bed for our loving pets.

So, how about 3 features in 1 furniture?
Let me introduce you to Pet Ball!

So whats with the 3 features? You might have guess it.

Pet House + Table + LAMP!

It comes in 2 colors white and pink. 
And 4 different colors of cushion to choose from.

I'm in love with the pink design, how about you?

Happy Lunar New Year!

From all of us at Small Animals Pet-Store, have a 
Happy 2012 Lunar New Year!

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Rabbit Origami. Have Fun!

The only origami that I would know how to fold was only boat and crane. That's it!
It was a challenge to me. 

And...... it was an un-successful attempt!

I came to an dead end on the 10th. No matter how I tried, my origami doesn't look like the 11th. 
Arh...... totally gave up on it. 

For those whom are good in origami, well, i suppose it would be an easy task for you. For others, do take a piece of paper and have a try.

Too small? Click for a bigger view!

Have fun!!

Animal Architecture (Part 1)

We have seen various beautiful modern architecture housing in Singapore. 
But, have you seen an modern architecture housing for pets yet?

If the answer is NO, then you should take a look of some interesting ideas below!
If YES, do SHOW US!!
(Share it on our FaceBook, we will love to like it!)

It's really awesome that you are able to stack your fish tank and it 
appears to be another piece of art.

So, I've a question to ask: "Where's the filter?

I'm impressed of this design. I would lovvve to buy this for my dog, but apparently 
it looks more suitable for small sized dogs.

Seriously, it does really save space as it acts as an side table too!

How wonderful would that be?

Make a guess who's staying in there?

It's a campbell hamster!
The Australian Austria owner dislike the traditional cage design, and hence 
she build her own hamster house! 

The most incredible idea, it was design out from an IKEA 5 x 5 Expedit BookShelf!

That is one luckiest hamster!!

Designer Leo Kempf made this modern cat house for his own cat, Olive.

"She enters through a door in the bottom side and then ascends a ramp, which boosts her to the upper level. The front wall is plexi-glass, the floor is 2.5 inch thick old sheepskin rug, and my wife made some small paintings that hang on the walls. There is also a big cardboard scratching porch. Cats love to scratch and relax on cardboard. The top is removable and the glass slides out for maintenance."

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy 2012!
Made your resolutions yet?
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Did you pet had a great christmas?

Did your pet had a wonderful christmas feast for this year?
I hope it did! 

With all those upcoming festive, do also take care of your pet health as well!
When your pet is kept at their ideal body weight, they live longer, and had a more healthier lives. They are also at a lower risk of heart disease, joint problems, and various other conditions associated with poor health.

+++Merry Christmas+++

Courtesy from

From all of us at Small Animals Pet-Store
Merry Christmas!!!!

Guide to Rabbits

Adequate housing is essential for your rabbit. Providing adequate housing will significantly decrease the risk of health problems and injuries to your rabbit. 

Ideally, your rabbit's housing should be designed with the following in mind:

Cage Size

If your bunny will spend most of its time in a cage, get the biggest cage that is practical for your home or outside area. As a general rule, the hutch for a single rabbit should be 2 feet x 4 feet for small or medium breeds and 4 feet x 6 feet for large or giant breeds.


Solid flooring is best for your rabbit. This is because wire or wire-like flooring is not comfortable for your rabbit or good for its feet. Such flooring can result in bone deformities, pain and serious infections. Always ensure that the flooring is not slippery, and is rabbit-safe. Slippery floors can result in serious injuries, especially in multi-level rabbit enclosures.

Your rabbit's cage should be completely cleaned at least once a week. The best cleaning method is to use a soap-and-water mix, or white vinegar and water. 

Remember appropriate housing does not eliminate the need for rabbits to have exercise time outside of their housing.

Courtesy from

Rabbits should be allowed at least several hours outside of their housing to run, jump, explore and interact with their family daily.

Article from The Sunday Times, C3, December 11 2011

Why Chocolate Is Toxic For Your Pets?

Courtesy from

Do you know that Chocolate is toxic to your pet?

Do not feed your pet any chocolate as it contains theobromine and caffeine - both toxic substances that interfere with the body's central nervous systems and affect the heart and kidneys. It could lead to seizures, coma, heart arrhythmia, hyperthermia, and ultimately, death.

Contact your vet immediately if your pet shows the following signs after chocolate consumption: vomitting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, increased urination and restlessness in the early stage; lack of coordination, muscle twitching, hyperactivity, increased heart rate or raised blood pressure warrant urgent medical attention.

Article from Royal Canin, The Straits Times

For more detailed information, please visit 

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Christmas Guide

"Some parents may have bought their children a puppy, kitten or hamster for Christmas. These animals will have been traumatised by the move from breeder or pet store to home, so they will need the highest standard of care, and their welfare depends upon the five essential freedoms being satisfied. Apart from food and water, animals need comfort, health, space to express their normal behaviour and freedom from fear or distress."

"Remember how much of a responsibility and how time consuming this is before you rush to buy a pet."

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